Xiaomi Mi 4A Dual_Band Ethernet 1200Mbps Speed Router| 2.4GHz & 5GHz Frequency|128MB RAM | DualCore 4 Thread CPU|4 Omni Directional Antenna|Mi Wi-Fi app-Parental Control & Anti Hacking|Repeater, White




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RouterRouter Future of Speed Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition

Dual-core CPU | Gigabit Network Ports 4 High-Gain Antennas | Anti-hacking Security


Mi Gigabit Router Delivers up to 10x faster speed

Delivers 10x faster speed. with 3 gigabit ports and a network speed of up to 1200 Mbps

Gigabit Router Allows range in every corner

Four antennas are arranged to maximize transmission performance, even in more complex environments.

1 Gigabit Network Ports 2 Four Antennas

Mi Router latest Offers remote control and wide range of features

Wi-Fi optimization and anti-hacking protection lets you easily manage your router & linked devices

Router Latest by Mi Connects up to 128 smart home devices

Smart Home Era provides stable connection for each connected device with less lag.

1 Smart Security & Control 2 Future Ready Home

Router Recyclable Casing Design

Outer casing and packaging are made of recyclable materials

Dual band W-fi Router Dual-band integration with one Wi-Fi name

Supports dual-band integration, combining the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands under one Wi-Fi name.

Xiaomi Router Dual-core CPU

Features dual-core processors with a single-core clock speed of up to 880 MHz. giving faster speed

!200 Mbps Router Sleek design that blends easily

Simply designed to blend easily into a variety of home styles

1 Recyclable Casing Design 2 Dual-band integration 3 Dual-core CPU 4 Sleek design

Gigabit Router latest Speed up to 1200 Mbps

Latest and Trending content with curated lists across categories

Mi Gigabit router 4 A Dual Concurrent Bands

Brings out the maximum speed helping in boosting the connection for a smoother experience

Best Gigabit Router Best for Streaming & Gaming

Gives you the best speed up to 1200 Mbps which helps 4K streaming, gaming and video chatting

Latest Router Mi WiFi App

A smart and new way for you to control and synchronize all your smart devices at home

1 Speed up to 1200 Mbps 2 Dual Concurrent Bands 3 Streaming & Gaming 4 Mi WiFi App

Gigabit Router below 2000 Get notify on unknown connections

Instant notification is received on the Mi WiFi app when unfamiliar device is connected

TP Link Gigabit Router Parental control

Parents can manage and control internet consumption and the content their kids watch.

D Link Router Easy Configuration Process

Quick and easy internet configuration setting, simple enough for parents to use

TP Link Gigabit router best Power cooling to safe operation

Cooling vents facilitate airflow ensures long term and reliable operation

1 Get Notify 2 Parental control 3 Easy Configuration 4 Power cooling

Wide Coverage : 4 Omni directional High gain performance antenna for high speed and high coverage area, 2 2.4GHz @5dbi and 2 5GHz @6dbi;Transmission Booster – Integrated signal amplifier: PA(Power Amplifier) and LNA(Low Noise Amplifier) integration on both the 2.4 and 5GHz wireless chips. This gives better transmission through walls and improved reception sensitivity
Wifi Smart Connect: Dual-frequency integration, combining the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands into one Wi-Fi name. 2.4GHz wall penetration is better, and the 5GHz rate is higher;Make Devices Smart & Fast : Full MU-MIMO 128MB DDR3 RAM support, you can connect upto 128 smart devices simultaneous
Easy Installation & Management : Mi Wi-Fi app help makes it simple to setup and manage the router with additional features like installation assistance and Device management;Parental control & Anti Hacking : Keep your family safe and manage the time and type of content consumed. Actively detect the threat and eliminate the unauthorized access.;Control Method: Application
Wireless Comm Standard: 802 11 A;Item Length: 122000.0;Item Width: 201000.0;Special Features: Access Point Mode;Included Components: Router,Adapter, User Manual;Warranty Description: 1 Year Warranty;Item Height: 174000.0;Item Weight: 460.0


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